Another fancy painting! Rider is

Another fancy painting! Rider is @cainan_willis
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Great perspective shot from @trevelyang

Great perspective shot from @trevelyang ! Continue reading

Time to get your blood pumping!

With Fall right around the corner it’s time to take advantage of the cooler weather and get out and have fun.  If you are passionate about off road biking, bmx … Continue reading

Road rules

            As the idea pops into your mind to hop on your bicycle and go for a little ride something occurs to you at the … Continue reading

Hard work pays off!

Professional cycling is a world-wide phenomenon known about by millions of people. Anyone hear of Lance Armstrong? Perhaps the Tour De France might ring a bell? In the arena of … Continue reading

The long and winding road

As I ride on down the solitary road the sights that pass are amazing, diverse and awe-inspiring.  Competing with the assorted tangle of thoughts from the day that race through … Continue reading

When I grow up

Many of us dream about having a brush with greatness.  What type of accomplishment this centers on depends on the person and their particular interests.  I know that I have … Continue reading

Extreme sports Dominate!

In our fast paced, adrenaline fueled world, people continue to push the envelope to test personal limits. This has led the explosion and continuing growth of Extreme Sports.  You can’t … Continue reading

Kids learning to Ride

It’s never to early to teach your kids to ride a bike.  In fact, go the extra mile and teach the ins and outs of bicycling, including how to care … Continue reading

All Parts Equal

      To avid riders, every single part of a bicycle is integral to superior functioning and optimal performance.  Many spend hours on upkeep and fine tuning of their … Continue reading