If you want to relieve stress and to be in the fresh air, riding a bike gives you a lot of joy. Just take a little time for yourself and escape from your daily stress and worries by riding through the cities, the parks, the woods or even across the beach. We have a great variety of bikes for every occasion such as mountain bikes, cruiser bikes, hybrid bikes, bikes for kids, road bikes, tandems, folding bikes. For hobbyist who like a challenge we also have unicycles.

Mountain Bikes

Because mountain bikes are typically ridden on very rough terrains they are specially made to handle such terrains. These kind of road are mostly, mountain trails, logging roads, fire roads and other unpaved roads. On these roads we can find rocks, ruts, loose sand or gravel, washouts and steep grades. That’s why the constructions of a mountain bike differs from a typical bicycle. The most noticeable differences are the inclusion of suspension on the frame and fork, larger knobby tires, more durable heavy duty wheels, more powerful brakes, and lower gear ratios needed for steep grades with poor traction. Look for your new mountain bike on this website.


Bike cruisers are a type of bicycle that combines balloon tires with a simple, single-speed, upright steel frame. These bikes are popular for those who are on vacation or any casual bicyclists. Bike cruisers are stable and easy to ride for relaxed jaunts around town. You can find them in different colors, sizes and speeds; they are built for comfort and leisure and are great for anyone.

For the avid bicyclist, we also carry various beach cruiser and bicycle accessories like bike helmets, gloves, baskets, and more to help make your biking experience safer and more convenient.

Road Bikes

Road bikes are made specifically to ride over concrete and other paved roads, and are often used in long road trips and also commuting on a daily basis, which make commuting easier and more relaxing. It can be a lot of fun to speed down the paved roads, to pedal through scenic parks and bike trails instead of busy roads. The road bikes are made lighter-weight than many bike styles, they have thinner wheels so there’s less drag on the road. That means each pedal will get you farther on road bikes than it will on many other kinds of bikes.

Kid Bikes

We have a large collection of bikes for children from different ages, from balance bikes to attachable bike trainers, tricycles and bikes for older children who don’t need extra training wheels.We have large collection of kids’ bikes and accessories, there is everything you need from the first ride of your children. Balance bikes are great for young children, they will help them learn balance and steering. Without any pedals, gears, chains, or training wheels, balance bikes are available in wood and metal and a variety of different colors and sizes. Size and shape depends on the age and height of your child. Or if they aren’t ready for their own, you can attach a long push handle to the back to help protect and guide your child.

Bike Gear

Aside from the bikes you can find here, bike parts, like, bells, wheels, bike gears, bike racks and more. Looking for some footwear and clothing, look no further, you can find here a great selection of footwear and clothing.


Tuning up your ride means more than adding essentials to your bike: it also means finding the best cycling clothing to get you from Point A to B. You might have a souped-up bike that’s ready to hit the streets, and make sure your bike clothing can keep up on the ride.

We know sporting the right cycling clothing may vary from season to season, but our variety of apparel and accessories for men, women, boys, and girls ensures everyone will find what they need. We have bike shorts and pants to insulated gloves to reflective vests, there are cycling clothing for the warm months and which are comfortable during cold months, even if you have to splash across flooded train tracks or pedal through a freezing downpour.

We offer a variety of cycling clothing comforts like compression shorts, moisture-wicking tops, blister-preventing socks, and sun-protectant gloves. The right cycling clothing can make all the difference.

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